Sewage Ejector Pump Repair and Installation

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Quality Sewage Ejector Pump Services

When a home or business is located below the sewer line, then they most likely have a sewage ejector pump. A sewage ejector pump is a plumbing pump that removes raw sewage and wastewater from your business or home. This is able to keep properties safe so they don’t come into contact with sewage and wastewater that can cause property damage and illnesses. If you have a sewage ejector pump that could use repairs or you are needing a sewage ejector pump for your property, call the plumbers at Dr. Drain. We are able to provide sewage ejector pump repair and installation service in Boulder, CO. We are ready to help clients have better working sewage ejector pumps or find a better way to protect their property from raw sewage and wastewater. Call us at (303) 928-0804 speak with one of our plumbing contractors about making an appointment,

Do You Need Sewage Ejector Pump Repair?

Gravity is needed when removing wastewater and raw sewage from your home or business. When a property is located below the sewer line, this can prove to be difficult. Fortunately, with a sewage ejector pump, this doesn’t have to be an issue. What is an issue is when your sewage ejector pump stops working. When this happens, you can clog in your drains and sewage backups. To prevent this from happening, sewage ejector backup repair in Boulder, CO will be needed. These are signs that you need sewage ejector pump repairs.

  • The pump will turn off before the tank is empty.
  • The pump is making a lot of noise.
  • The pump is working but sewage and wastewater aren’t being removed.
  • The tank is empty but the motor is still running.

Get a Sewage Ejector Pump Installed Today!

If you are building a home or business that is below the sewer line, then you will need to invest in a sewage ejector pump. A sewage ejector pump installation will give you better peace of mind knowing that sewage or wastewater will not wreck havoc on your property. For quality sewage ejector pump repair and installation in Boulder, CO, please give us a call today!

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