Gas Water Heater Replacement

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We Also Install Gas Water Heaters

Do you want to invest in a new gas water heater? Or is your old gas water heater ready to be replaced? At Dr. Drain, we are proud to offer gas water heater installation and replacement in Boulder, CO. We are able to install new gas water heaters in people’s homes or businesses or replace their old gas water heater with a brand new one. People love gas water heaters because they are safe, affordable, they work even when your electricity goes out, and they are energy-efficient. If you want a gas water heater services, call us at (303) 928-0804! We can also offer gas water heater replacement if your gas water heater is over 12 years old, isn’t heating like it used to, or is leaking.

Propane Water Heater Replacement and Installation

In addition to offering gas water heater installation and replacement in Boulder, CO, our team of plumbers can also offer propane water heater installation and replacement service. While gas water heaters use natural gas to power water heaters, propane water heaters will use liquefied petroleum gas to heat up water. If for some reason your home or business is unable to use natural gas, then the best alternative is propane! Our plumbing contractors are able to offer propane water replacement service, as well as install propane water heaters. To learn more about this specific water heating option, contact our office!

Call Us for Gas and Propane Water Heater Services

At Dr. Drain, we are able to offer water heater repair, replacement, and installation services for propane and gas water heaters. Whether your gas water heater has a leak and needs to be replaced or you want a new propane water heater for your property, know that our plumbing contractors are able to help you. Schedule an appointment for either propane or gas water heater installation or replacement in Boulder, CO by dialing (303) 928-0804! We have the experience and skills needed to offer exceptional and professional water heater services for gas and propane water heaters in your home or business.

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