Sewer Camera Inspections

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Non-Invasive Inspections

When emergency plumbing or sewer problems occur in your home or workplace, what do you do? Plumbing video camera inspection offers a fast and cost-effective way to detect issues in underground plumbing pipes and sewer lines.

At Dr. Drain, we offer first-class sewer camera inspection service in Boulder, CO. Our trusted experts possess the right tools to detect your minor or major plumbing and sewer issues, then provide an adequate solution.

After serving clients in Boulder, CO, for many years, we have become familiar with local water pipes, drains, and underground sewer lines. With such immense knowledge, we are able to detect plumbing faults using the most innovative technology and techniques. When it comes to inspecting your plumbing and sewer lines, we are the perfect contractor to turn to. Call us at (303) 928-0804 to get started today!

Sewer Camera Inspection Benefits

The benefits of using the sewer camera inspection in Boulder, CO are numerous. These inspections

  • Eliminate guesswork and increases accuracy.
  • Help determine the best repair method.
  • Save time and cost.
  • Detect potential plumbing and sewer issues early before they become complex.
  • Can also be used to find missing items such as earrings, wedding rings, and so forth in the drains.

Different Sewer Inspection Cameras

There are different types of camera used for sewer camera inspection in Boulder, CO that include the following.

Hand-Held Camera

This is the most common type of inspection camera. During the plumbing inspection, the camera is held by the expert. The camera cable is inserted into the plumbing pipe or sewer line to be investigated.  Hand-held inspection cameras are usually cordless and lightweight. They can be moved and used anywhere.

Reel Camera

A reel inspection camera differs greatly from the other types of inspection cameras. It features a long cable with a camera head at the end. However, it has no screen. The plumbing expert will connect the cable to a monitor, video recorder, or laptop. With this, real-time images captured by the camera can be viewed. The reel inspection camera has a very long cable length. Hence, the camera can reach greater distances.     

Waterproof Camera

The waterproof inspection camera can be submerged into water, sewer, or any other form of liquid.  Both the hand-held and reel inspection cameras have waterproof models. The camera is suitable for inspecting any type of plumbing pipes, including toilets, sinks, drains, and sewer lines. They are often used to check for clogs, blockages, and cracks.

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Our Process

How Sewer Camera Inspections Work

At Dr. Drain, we use state-of-the-art sewer inspection cameras and sophisticated technique to get a crystal-clear view of the interior part of your water pipes, drains, and sewer line. Our sewer camera inspection techniques used in Boulder, CO is non-invasive. The method is very effective to detect both minor and major fault with your plumbing pipes and sewer line without excavating your pipes.

In our sewer camera inspection, our expert attaches a waterproof camera to a flexible rod. The expert then carefully guides the camera into your pipes or sewer line. The inspection camera captures images which are displayed on the screen, monitor, laptop, or tablet.

The plumbing video camera inspection technique helps to show a clearer view of the cause of the fault or leak. It also reveals the cracked area, the extent of the damage, clogs, or blockages. Through this, we can easily determine the best method to repair your faulty water pipes or sewer line. Set up an appointment for sewer camera inspection in Boulder, CO today by calling us at (303) 928-0804!

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