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Underground pipe repair used to require plumbers to dig huge trenches through yards and landscaping. Now plumbers frequently use trenchless repair methods like pipe lining, which require very little excavation to complete. When you need an underground pipe repair in Boulder, CO, and want a plumber with expertise in pipe lining, you can always count on Dr. Drain. We offer a full range of plumbing repair options and can take on the toughest jobs. You can book a service appointment by filling out the form about or by calling (303) 928-0804.

How Pipe Lining Services Work

Dr. Drain likes to preserve our customers’ peace of mind while saving them money in repair costs. That’s why we provide trenchless repair services like pipe lining in Boulder, CO. This repair method prevents us from having to dig ugly trenches in your yard to repair a leaking or otherwise damaged sewer or main water line and keeps you from having to pay someone to rebuild your landscaping afterward. With pipe lining, we find an access point to your sewer line and send a resin-saturated flexible tube down the line. The resin coats the damaged pipe and is then allowed to cure in place until its solid, sealing up the leak.  

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